Devops Days Austin 2016

Devops Days Austin has come and gone and once again I picked up a ton at the sessions and had some great hallway (or lunch line in some cases) conversations this year. Every year I've had a great time and end up with a HUGE research list as a result of this conference. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the first hackathon or much by way of open spaces, but the time I spent there still proves to be invaluable. Thanks to all the people who helped put it together and assisted this year; from what I hear there was a LOT to do as a result of the venue change. I want you all to know I appreciate your efforts.

I presented an ignite talk again this year I didn't practice nearly enough due to personal and professional goings-on but I hope the content I presented stood up on it's own merit. If you'd like to see the deck, along with annotations from the sample script, check it out here:

Blameless System Design